Whitetree Chiropractic in Edinburgh is now offering Pilates.

Anna our Pilates instructor, has over 10 years experience teaching Pilates in Germany and the UK, both 1:1 and in classes. A wonderful addition to your care, Pilates provides strength balance and coordination in the muscles of the spine and deep abdominal muscles helping you achieve optimal spinal functioning and works alongside chiropractic to protect your spine over the long term.

As a practice we are delighted Anna now offers her health knowledge and experience through Pilates and many of our clients are already benefitting from her well taught and fun filled classes.

Joseph Pilates developed his exercises whilst on secondment in Scotland during the second world war, one of the best minds of his generation he was helping the allies win the war, now you get to learn Pilates with our German assistant Anna. I much prefer this more open friendly world that we live in now.

Classes are open to practice members of the clinic and non-practice members. Please contact us on 0131 225 1177 for your 1:1 assessment so Anna can gauge your skill level and direct you toward the class that best suits you.

Currently the Pilates classes are lunchtime on a Tuesday and lunchtime or evening on a Thursday. 1:1 classes can be set up at other times under the discretion of Anna.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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