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Some people are worried about seeing a chiropractor because they think that chiropractic adjustments might be harmful or dangerous. However, the research relating to chiropractic Read the full article…

Understanding pain

Understanding pain Experiencing pain is normal. Everyone experiences pain now and then. Pain is supposed to be protective to make you stop doing things that Read the full article…

Effects of an adjustment

Recent scientific studies are revealing a new understanding about how chiropractic spinal adjustments work. Today, over a hundred years on from the ‘first’ chiropractic adjustment, Read the full article…

Neck Pain and Falls Risk

Neck pain is very common throughout the world. Up to half of all people around the world suffer from neck pain at some stage each Read the full article…

Evidence-Based Chiropractic

Healthcare has changed over recent decades. No longer do doctors simply provide care based on what they read in textbooks during their training. Modern healthcare Read the full article…


Do you suffer from headaches, or do you know someone who does? If you do, know that you are not along. The head is actually Read the full article…


Writing a blog post about motivation has taken ages, although rather than blame it on irony I will instead blame it on complexity. Here is Read the full article…

Mid back or neck pain?

When you are using your mobile phone for (I’ll estimate a conservative) 8 hours a day, which position do you have your head in? Assuming Read the full article…

Working from home part 2

A quick recap, your spine is S shaped, not C shaped, if you haven’t yet read it the first post in this series is here Read the full article…

Covid-19 in clinic protocol

At this time we remain open and committed to helping people in pain. We have made the following changes to our clinic and ask that Read the full article…

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