We differ from a traditional chiropractic clinic. Although we do take care of back pain, neck pain, headaches and other symptoms, our main aim is to make you more effective and efficient at whatever it is you do.

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Whilst the various traditional chiropractic spinal adjustment techniques are very effective, the physical alignment created by the chiropractor’s manual force is not enjoyed by everyone. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA for short) offers a different way to help the body heal underlying spinal tension using a very gentle and precise touch. Exclusively to doctors of chiropractic, Dr Gary Blackwood is one of two NSA practitioners in Scotland.

No cracking, twisting or popping!

Created by Dr. Donny Epstein, NSA is an evidence based approach to healing health and wellbeing. NSA utilises very gentle and specific contacts along the spine, the contacts are mainly in the neck and lower back because that’s where the nervous system cord attaches. This allows the brain to find embedded tension within the central nervous system, primarily in the spinal cord. When the brain and spinal cord can find and connect to those tensions, two healing waves then develop. The body will respond by doing a series of breaths or movements which ultimately cause that tension to be released. As spinal tension reduces, the body finds its natural alignment and balance. Each adjustment is referred to more specifically as an ‘entrainment’ because they allow the brain and nervous system to learn and build inner strategies for better mobility, more breath, and more ease inside the body. The experience is completely unique and inherently relaxing.

A series of mind-body awareness exercises known as Somato Respiratory Integration, or SRI for short, are also incorporated alongside Network Spinal Analysis to help enhance the healing process.

NSA is not a fix-it type of modality. This is a form of practice that is a choice to implement as a lifestyle to help learn new strategies within yourself and your body over time. Everything you do is gathered by your brain which flows through the spine. When we make that system really efficient, it makes everything you do really efficient. That means:

– less spinal pain
– less headaches
– less stress

People experience many different responses from this work including:

– more ease
– more energy
– improved posture
– better concentration
– better sleep
– more clarity in thoughts
– feelings more grounded
– self-confidence
– better overall health
– physical comfort and much more..

Your response and growth will depend on your own patterns within your body and system, and typically most people who are eager and ready for change can experience results very early on. The changes are subtle and the key is building more conscious awareness of yourself, the changes, and new sensations.

You can find ground-breaking research on NSA here:


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