Writing a blog post about motivation has taken ages, although rather than blame it on irony I will instead blame it on complexity. Here is a summary of some key points.

I wish I had discovered this ages ago.

When it comes to motivation, it really comes down to goal setting, and then actioning those goals. Personally the most difficult lesson to learn is that I can do anything, but I can’t do everything…

So in order to achieve your goals these are some key lessons;

Pick 7-10 goals for the year

Pick 2-3 goals per quarter

Pick a Mix of habit goals and achievement goals. (Quick nod to the once infamous Woollies)

For each goal make them SMARTER

Specific – Targeted

Measurable – eg complete a specific half marathon or run 5 miles three times a week

Actionable – You must take action and not overthink it

Risky – Must create a sense of discomfort, ie it must not be easy, but still stay safe – especially with weight loss etc.

Time Keyed – Either the time you finish an achievement goal or the time you start a habit goal

Exciting – It must generate emotion in you – this is part of where the motivation comes from

Relevant – It must tie in to your long term plans – which helps prevent shiny object syndrome

You must have an emotional reason ‘Why’ you want to do it. Not “I want to lose weight because I know I should”, but more like “I want to loose 10lbs in weight by 1st August so that I have more energy and can still beat my grandkids/kids/neighbours at football/rugby/bridge”.

If you are unsure as to your goals, check your regrets list. I know no-one should have regrets, but we probably do, and this time, with an actionable plan, you are going to make it happen.

Finally have a few close accountability buddies, who will hold you too account without giving you too much of a hard time. No more than three, but one will do.

If you can tie the achievement and habit goals together, then all the better.

For example;

I will complete the Great North Run in a time of 1hr 32 minutes on the 13th September 2020.

I will run for 30 minutes four times a week at 7am, whilst maintaining a heart rate in the fat burn zone (below 80% of maximum heart rate), beginning 7am tomorrow.

Now obviously you don’t just want health goals, you’ll want goals on relationships, finance, vocation, hobbies, essentially wherever you want to progress in life, but if you start with health you will gain more energy to be able to get all the other items on your list completed.

Be aware that the more successful you are, the more opportunities will come your way, with a concise and precise goals list (7-10 goals for the year, 2-3 goals each quarter), when a new opportunity comes your way you can measure it against your current goal list and decide if it will help you progress in a key area or not.

In summary then, motivation is an emotional state triggered by wanting to achieve specific goals that are big enough to excite you, linked to both achievement and habit goals. They are written down, reviewed daily and shared with at least one other person who can hold you accountable.

The next step is to choose 3 goals for the next 3 months, at least one achievement goal and at least one habit goal and share them with a close friend. Then take action!!

If you have any questions, please get in touch, or if you are feeling brave enough share one of your goals in the comments below (or on our Facebook page – here).


If you want to go much deeper on achieving your goals I can highly recommend Michael Hyatt’s book – Your Best Year Ever

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