Secrets of Health and Success Revealed

Your success is determined by the health of your brain, which depends upon your overall health, the structure and function of your spine.

The health of your brain determines your ability to solve puzzles, find solutions and make connections. Follow through on your decisions with the increased energy that comes from improving your health to create your success.

The function of the brain and spine are temporarily improved during short bursts of stress, but prolonged stress is detrimental to both. Putting into action health habits to create a healthy brain is one part of chiropractic care, creating a workplace culture of wellness also reduces sick leave, enhancing your company’s production.

Your posture, spine and body also leave subtle clues to your brain function, so having your spine checked is one way to maintain the competitive edge.

Wellness Program

At your own pace you and your staff will receive short informative talks on stress, health, exercises, relaxation techniques and chiropractic care to make subtle or gross changes to you and your company’s health.

Distilled from 120 years of chiropractic clinical expertise and research, along with my own personal journey, these techniques will quickly add sustained health to you and your business.

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“Gary came in to our offices for a half hour over a lunchtime to talk to us about De-stressing and Energising.

In that half an hour it was obvious he was passionate and knowledgeable about his area of expertise, and he managed to squeeze in an awful lot of information on the nature of stress, our subconscious self, and the bearing our nervous system has on our effectiveness, performance, and overall well-being.

Certainly food for thought for us, who sit for lengthy periods at our desks.

Those who attended were patently affected by what Gary told us… I came into the office after the presentation to find 3 of them on the floor performing hip-flexor stretches!

There is now talk in the office of 20 minute stretches, communal yoga, and looking out for stress – seems Gary’s enthusiasm has rubbed off on us.”

Dean Carrick MSc MRICS


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