Mid back or neck pain?

When you are using your mobile phone for (I’ll estimate a conservative) 8 hours a day, which position do you have your head in?

Assuming my head weighs 12lbs (or 5kg) in the third picture (although it is probably more with all the hairdressers being closed…), in the middle one it weighs about 40lb and in the first one about 60lbs(!) that is about 27kg(!!).

Imagine carrying a 27kg weight around in your hand all day. The tension that would build in the shoulder and arm muscles, the restriction that would occur in the elbow and shoulder joints. And people wonder why they get neck pain and headaches!!

Practice the exercise in blog post 2 of surviving lockdown and you will build your awareness of what position your head is in and more readily remember to hold the phone up rather than look down.

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