Beyond Sports Injuries

Optimal performance for all levels of athletes, business people and parents involves not managing the injury, but creating a structure that performs optimally so that symptoms are no longer necessary.

Symptoms are simply the bodies way of telling the brain that the current accumulation of stresses (both current and historic, emotional and physical) are greater than the number of resources the body has for managing them. This can show up in a number of ways. Tension, Inflammation and Pain are but examples.

Healing requires optimal nerve function

At White Tree Chiropractic, our aim is not only to improve your structure for optimal performance but also improve your nerve systems and brains capacity for healing. We use Heart Rate Variability testing to estimate how well your brain and nerve system can recover from pain and stress, and if necessary help you develop strategies to optimise healing, from nutrition to meditation, with the primary focus always on improving and optimising spinal and nerve system integrity.

Improved strength and endurance

The research also shows that chiropractic care improves both strength and endurance, through its affects on nerve system function. Because muscles can only do what nerves tell them to do, improving nerve function improves the strength of muscles, it has been shown that one chiropractic adjustment creates in the muscles the equivalent gains to muscles strength as 3 weeks in the gym. Increasing endurance, by improving recovery times also allows people to train longer and harder, without increasing the risk of injury.

How accurate is your brain map?

In my experience most non-impact sports injuries are due to inconsistencies in where the brain thinks the body is in space from where the body actually is in space. This complex process, which is a measure of the accuracy of body positional awareness, results in miscalculations in position, which leads to numerous sports injuries. The work we do here at White Tree Chiropractic is aimed at improving your body positional awareness in space and so minimising the risk of injuries in sport. It is also why we can help elderly patients avoid falls.

If you want to optimise performance, for reasons of general health, for work, sport or play, please call the clinic now for your complimentary consultation.



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